Still Searching

As the month continues, I have yet to find a workout that I actually want to try! But that doesn’t mean that I have just been sitting at home doing nothing since I finished the pilates challenge! I have continued with doing some of the simpler pilates workouts mixed in with some old stretches from my old dance days. Plus, I feel like I run the entire time I am at work! Speaking of work, tomorrow I get my first day completely free from work in 11 days! I am so excited to not have to pretend to be happy and nice to a bunch of people that irritate me!

Anyways, I have decided that I am going to spend this month searching and planning for future workout challenges for the months ahead. But for now, I am just going to keep it simple and easy. I do have to say that whatever workout I decide to attempt in August cannot be too difficult because I have camp and school starts back up at the end of the month so basically I will have no time whatsoever anymore! It’s sad but also exciting at the same time. I’m that weirdo who looks forward to starting classes again even though it’s the middle of summer. But I am not crazy enough to take summer classes. No thank you. I like doing nothing sometimes!

Well, that’s all the updating I have for right now so I hope all of you have a wonderful rest of your week!


Challenge Completed!

I am proud to say that I finished the Beginners Pilates Challenge! Well, I actually finished it yesterday but I am just now getting to blogging about it! I stayed with this workout for 28 days and I couldn’t be any prouder of myself. In all other workout plans, I have given up by day 6 but somehow I kept up with this one!

Now I need to find another thing to try to start to stay moving everyday. I’m thinking that I’ll just stick with the pilates instead of moving on to something different though. I believe the website I used for beginners pilates puts out a monthly calendar for people to do so I may give that a shot!

In other news, I got back to my apartment after a weekend spent at home with my family and saw my pet fish barely alive. Somehow, he is still swimming but he probably won’t last much longer (sadly, I’m saying he’ll probably at most last one more day). I know that he is just a fish but I’ve had that little guy for the last 2 1/2 years. He moved to college and lived in the dorms with me; he kept me company in my first apartment; he was a good distraction from when I was studying at my desk. He is the first fish I ever owned and somehow I was able to keep him alive past the average time a beta fish from Petsmart lives.

On a more positive ending, I cannot wait to find a new challenge to start! So if you have any recommendations, let me know! Just remember that I’m new to the whole fitness thing though! So nothing too intense! I hope all of you have been doing well and I will update soon when I decide on my next challenge to attempt!

Puppies, Food, and a Workout!

I am so happy to be home for a couple of days! To start with, I got to meet my sisters new puppy (which now I am currently taking care of), eat some amazing home-cooked food, and see friends I haven’t seen in months! I also got my workout in yesterday. Being so close to the end makes it seem impossible for me to give up! But I learned the difficulties that come with trying to do pilates with a puppy who just wants to play in the same room. She kept on thinking that my hair was a rope and that I needed to be jumped on. Can’t say that it was the best workout because it was far from it but hey, at least I attempted it!

Well, that’s all I have to say right now! There’s a puppy who needs attention and who is trying to bite my toes right now.

Nearing the Finish Line!

Day 22 of the beginners pilates challenge has now been completed! Only a few more days before I can say that I survived my first ever attempt at doing a pilates challenge. But those days are going to be a challenge because I am going home for three days. Meaning, instead of working out in my empty apartment, I will have to find space to do the videos while I’m staying with my mom and sister in a 1-bedroom apartment. It’s going to be fun. Or maybe fun isn’t the right word.

Anyways, I’m really excited about my mini break from work! I haven’t had three days in a row off since summer started and I am so happy I get to spend it at home! Also, home cooked meals. Good home cooked meals. I am so ready to eat good food for the first time in a couple of months!

That’s all I have for now! I’m still going to get the workouts done (hopefully) over the next few days but I may not blog about them just because I’d rather spend time with family and friends. It just depends on how busy I am while home.

Forgot to Blog

So I did do my day 20 beginners pilates challenge this morning but due to the fact that I then I had to run to work, I did forgot to blog about it. I barely had time to shower and get dressed before running out the door so I wouldn’t be late. Then, while at work, I was asked if I could stay and close to cover for someone who is sick. Long story short, this is the first minute I have had to type this up.

I am so happy that I made it to day 20! Tomorrow will be day 22 because of my skip day yesterday! Which means, counting tomorrow, only 7 more workouts! And I believe that one of those is another rest day so really it’s only 6 more workouts! So close to the finish line!

Now to try and stop being so hyper so that I can go to sleep and get rest before I have to wake up at 7:45 am for a full day of work tomorrow too!

Life Happens

I’m a little upset that I am not doing any workout today but life has been beating me down for the last couple of days and it all just hit me today. I am in no right frame of mind to even try to do any physical activity because I cannot see it ending well. I would be distracted and careless and I really don’t need to hurt myself. So I will be taking my day of rest today and starting day 20 of the beginners pilates challenge tomorrow.

I refuse to give up on this challenge but I knew that I needed this day to focus on me.

Keep On Going

Alright. So it was another late workout for me today but at least I got it done! It’s not easy for me to make myself continue on this pilates challenge but every time I start thinking negative I just remind myself how much that I hate to lose and that not finishing this challenge means that I have lost. And for some reason that reminder keeps me going!

I was sore from being on my feet all day at work and now that I finished the ab workout for today, I am just telling myself to be thankful it wasn’t a leg workout day! I may be sore but it’s not the first time and it will get better!

Okay, that’s enough positive thinking for one night! I have successfully finished all the teen days of this challenge and will be in the twenties tomorrow!